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👩Hey everyone! Come back every other Friday to check out my vlogs!
I share information about my life, my inspirations and my favorite things!
Barbie’s story
Virtual human Barbie is a virtual influencer representing various media and YouTube contents centered on Barbie toy lines.

Her content covers a variety of topics such as cooking, DIY, tutorial, and styling tips.

Like many popular teenage YouTubers, Barbie records herself sitting at a desk against the backdrop of her bedroom. The V-log has hundreds of thousands of views as it shows a calm and girly atmosphere. Her friends, sisters, and boyfriend Ken often appear as guests in her videos. Even when recording alone, she almost always mentions one of her younger sisters, which gives her a family-centered feeling in her V-log, and the video is concise and generally uploads less than five minutes.

In one of her first V-logs, Barbie introduces herself to subscribers and is said to be originally from Wisconsin, although she lives in Malibu with three sisters.

For young girls growing in a rapidly changing world, "Bobby's V-log" is growing together, supporting self-esteem and dreams.

Mattel changed Barbie's face, body shape, and skin tone in 2016 and changed Barbie's positioning so that girls could cross gender stereotypes, and it worked.
With the new tone and new Barbie content strategy, global total sales surged 87% to $276 million.
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