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MAVE: The metaverse idol group
Four girls from the future world of 'IDYPIA',
They come to the real world to find the freedom of emotions.
MAVE:’s story
MAVE is a four-member meta idol group under MetaVerse Entertainment, a subsidiary of Netmarble FNH, and Kakao Entertainment. They debuted on January 25, 2023 and their group name stands for "MAKE NEW WAVE," expressing their ambition to create a new wave in the K-pop scene. The members consist of Siu: (leader, vocals), Jena: (vocals), Tyra: (rap), and Marty:(dance).

They debuted with their first single album, "PANDORA'S BOX," and their music video has received high views on various social media platforms, garnering attention from K-pop fans both domestically and internationally. They also have an official fandom called "MAZE."
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