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Lu do Magalu’s story
Brazil's Ludo Magalu was selected as the No. 1 virtual human with the highest Instagram followers in the world.

Ludo Magalu is a virtual human produced by Magalu, Brazil's largest retail company, to promote and market products. The first appearance on the Internet was YouTube content to promote iBlog TV in 2009.

The role of creating content for customers to better understand products at has begun to grow, and from the moment these external channels (social media) become popular and users increase, She become a brand spokesman and virtual influencer you know, not just Magalu's face.

She says she is cautious about her remarks because everything she says reflects Magalu, and is very proud and happy to represent this company that continues to grow and develop.

Lu Do Magalu has more than 24 million followers on social medias (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and TikTok), and provides product reviews and software tips on various product releases, reviewing various products such as home appliances and clothing. Magalu Company, which saw the marketing effect as a result, reportedly recorded sales of $552 million (about 650 billion won) in 2019.

In 2020, she participated in the Adidas marketing campaign and became the first Brazilian person to be depicted in a brand cartoon in addition to an athlete sponsored by Red Bull.

Although she has a lot of followers, her influence is mostly limited to Brazil only, where she was born.
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