VIM is the C2E blockchain project that generates profits through simple SNS activities that support virtual humans.
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vim's twitter
First of our journey,
we organized virtual human's information platform
1,000+ more identifying the needs of virtual humans who wish to become virtual influencers, and collecting data such as their birth story, background narrative and SNS activities
we are creating VIM
a C2E project aimed at productive exchanges with virtual humans in the digital world
New C2E
With using VANTER, you can make a profit through completing quest for VI
VANTER can find the quest for the virtual human. We can do supporting works for virtual humans by using VANTER wearing Rainbow Goggles
Vanter in Whitepaper
You can summon VANTER and you can level-up VANTER to boost your profit
VANTER basically has 5 subdicided ability status. Each status gets a distribution right when their level goes up, and by adjusting the STATUS that suits their style, the rewards will be maximized when the quest is completed.
Tokenomics in Whitepaper
GAME FI - Rainbow Goggles
You can multiply your profits by using rainbow goggles!
Rainbow goggles are classified into six categories according to their rarity.
Common, rare, and epic grades can be leveled up within the grade, and VIT compensation increases by 1% when leveled up
Rainbow Goggles in Whitepaper
What an attractive idea!

Now experience the VIM first in the early bird version and get your VIU coin!

vim's discord
vim's twitter
vim's twitter
Seizy K
Vanter summoner
Bachelor of Electronics

Entrepreneur for over 15years in IT industry

William Yang
Bachelor of Economics,Meiji Univ,MBA on Oxford, UK

Operation strategy and communication

Elliott Thornhill
Bachelor of Economics,Oxford, UK

PR plan and Viral marketing

Jason L
BS in CS, Towson University, USA

Entrepreneur, Software Architect

Bruce yeon
Vanter butler
Bachelor of Biologics, KOREA UNIV,south korea

Entrepreneur for over 15years in IT industry

Charlie k
Glass seler
Specialized in customer service
Specialized in UI & UX,3D Design
Jack Yeo
Specialized in Programming web3
Specialized in blockchain Programming
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  • 2021. A

    Collecting virtual humans data on Earth

    Identify the needs of virtual humans who want to become virtual influencers, and collect data such as their birth background and SNS activities

    : virtualinfluencer.world

  • 2021. B

    Provision of information for virtual influencers and establishment of marketing platform

    Open a platform that provides various information related to virtual influencers and provides contact with advertisers. The registration module is provided so that the manufacturer can use it as a platform for promoting their own virtual human.
  • 2022. A

    Creation of quest contents linked with VANTER and various virtual humnans

    Through collaborative content with various virtual influencers, VANTER naturally creates the character of a virtual human marketer and secures advertisers
  • 2022 B

    NFT assets minting with special features in limited quantities

    Minting 10,000 limited edition NFT before VIM ecosystem opening. Priority given to early participants listed in the WHITELIST
  • 2022. C

    VIM world. Estabilishment of overseas ICO corporate
    VIM world initiating Alpha-test

  • 2023. A

    VIM world Beta-test
    Listing VIM cryptocurrency in Global Cryptocurrency Exchange

  • 2023. B

    VIM world releasing official service

    Start a project to make a virtual human an influencer through the opening of the VIM service! Let's start CREATE TO EARN with VANTER!
  • 2023. C

    Estabilishment of local corporation for overseas Virtual influencer Marketing

  • 2024

    VIM world phase 2 service launch

    A true metaverse and community specialized in marketing tasks